LAM Goldsmiths

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About Us

LAM Goldsmiths offers a beautiful selection of handcrafted custom-made jewelry. We use only the finest gemstones; set in 14K, 18K gold, Platinum and Sterling silver.

Owner and Master Jeweler Leonard McCue has been working with customers for over 30 years to create unique pieces of superior workmanship. All of the jewelry at LAM Goldsmiths is crafted in the traditional style of the historic jewelers building in downtown Boston. We believe that old time quality and trust between jeweler and customer is a valuable relationship. Len will also redesign and create custom-made pieces from existing jewelry according to the customer's preferences. For a truly custom-made piece of jewelry you will enjoy for years to come, or if you need to have jewelry repaired,  have a watch battery installed, or have your high end watch serviced,  stop by and come see the professionals at LAM Goldsmiths.